1.   Few fact-based information about COVID-19 

  • Healthy people need not wear masks – It is advised that only people with symptoms like sneezing, coughing and runny nose should wear a mask to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

  • Presently there is no vaccine to protect you from coronavirus - Scientists are still working on developing a vaccine that can effectively protect you from COVID-19.

  • Take the right protection - Ultraviolet disinfection lamps and hand dryers used on skin are not effective in killing COVID-19. You should wash your hands with soap and water frequently to protect yourself against the deadly virus.

2.  Factors and precautions that the company is taking to protect their staff

Eventguru is a Singapore based company specialising in renting arcade machines and carnival game for events. To keep their staff safe they are asking them to take the following precautions:

  • Sanitise the workspace – Studies say, a work desk on an average contains has 800 bacteria per square inch. So, the company has requested its staff to clean their workspace with a alcohol spray or a disinfecting wipe to prevent getting infected. 

  • Clean the items around – The company is insisting to keep clean the items at the work desk like the keyboard, the monitor buttons, the mouse, desk phone, etc. that they touch frequently.

  • Shift to a secluded area if possible - Even if you have to go to the office everyday amidst this coronavirus outbreak, the company says you can still take measures to avoid getting infected from your colleagues. To stay safe you can find yourself a secluded spot to work, like a corner desk or phone booth cubicle to avoid social contact.


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