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Amazing Paper Craft DIYs to Try at Home

Updated: Mar 27

Whether you are stuck at home due to lockdown or it’s a weekend and you are looking for some fun things to do with your kids, paper craft DIY is the best thing. It is a great way to bond with your family and also bring out your creative side. The best part is that you make certain things that you can decorate your home with. Take a look at some of the listed below DIYs that you can easily try out at home.

Animal Mask

Let your imagination run wild with this paper animal mask. Whether you an adult or a kid, it is a perfect way to bring out your creative side. All you will need to make these masks is, animal masks templates, assorted color papers, scissors, thin cardboard (make use of cereal box), glue, elastic strings or ribbon. Begin by printing animal head templates on a colorful sheet of your choice. Now use it to cut the face out of a cardboard. Cover one side of the cardboard with glue and paste the paper cut out on it. Smooth it with your hand and let it dry. Punch two holes at the far side of the face and fasten a string or ribbon to it, and your masks is all ready to be used.

 3D Air Balloons Decorations

For this you will need, cardstock in multiple colors, hot air balloon template, gold glitter baker's twine or monofilament, scissors and glue stick. Cut out the balloon shape, stack five sheets of colorful cardstock and cut out the template using scissors. Fold the balloon cut-out back to back, so each half connects to another half of a differently colored cut-out, along the fold line. Cut two small squares of paper to make it look like the balloon basket, cut strings and loop it between the basket cut-outs and glue it together. Now glue it to the balloon to make it whole. Add a string on top of the balloon so that you can hang it in your desired place.

Paper Stars

This is fairly simple to make and look really beautiful when added to shelves, mirrors and other areas of the house. For this you will need, scissors and decorative paper. Draw stars on the paper and cut it out. You can also take help of template that are easily available online to make it look even better. Cut a dozen stars or more with scissors and make a hole on top of each one if you wish to make it in a string with a ribbon. If not, you can stick it to the surface with glue or adhesive tape.

Paper Bag Flower

Let’s recycle some old things and turn them into something beautiful with this paper craft DIY. Collect gusseted paper bags of any size, scissors, hole punch, double-sided tape and string and you are all set to get started. Fold the paper bag is half to get a rectangular shape and remove the bag’s bottom by cutting it. Now, trim top to form a petal shape and punch a hole in the bottom. Do the same with as many bags you have and keep stacking them on each other using a double-sided tape. Now draw a string from the hole to secure them all properly. Pull top and bottom bags around to form flower and join the ends with double-sided tape, suspending flower from string. Your flower is ready.

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