carnival inflatable game rental

You cannot find a better option to keep your customers or guests engaged and entertained than this Carnival 3 in 1 Inflatable rental. If you are planning to host a carnival themed party, Eventguru offers you a perfect choice. Our product can be used for college events, church carnivals, company picnics and school carnival events.


Our 3 in 1 Inflatable rental contains three games with stunning artwork that easily any space looks like a carnival. It also includes built in rings for displaying prizes. Three different games can be chosen to put in the inflatable. You can hire this product for a moderate price as well.


Frequently Asked Questions


What types of games can be played using your 3 in 1 inflatable?

As the name suggests, there games can be put in the inflatable. You have options such as star darts, football toss, wild fun and go bananas. Our product keeps the entertainment at highest levels and creates the perfect ambiance of a carnival.


Is your product expensive?
No; our 3 in 1 inflatable is not expensive at all. Our rental price is the most affordable in the industry. You can offer a wonderful experience for your guests and customers without worrying about the price. Our product comes with vibrant artwork to create an appealing ambiance.

How can I setup your 3 in 1 inflatable?

You just need to contact us online or call us to hire our product. We offer door to door delivery and setup services for all our customers. Our experts also monitor the operation upon special request. We also dismantle and collect the 3 in 1 inflatable after the party or event. The bottom line is that you have to spend minimal amount of energy when you hire our rental services.

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