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Dunk! Dunk! Dunk! Have a throw at this ever entertaining game! You don’t have to a skilled Basketball player to ace this, just have some fun and use your best throwing hand. Every ball through the hoops earns you points and get as many within a time limit. Add a bit of competition and have a challenge with your friends! Rent the Arcade Basketball Machine now at Eventguru to display your skills to your peers and also have some sporty fun at your events!



  • Door-to-door delivery
  • setup & teardown


Are you planning to host a party for your dear and near ones?  Do you want to make it an incredible event? You can choose our basketball arcade rental to offer the best entertainment for all your guests. They can display their skills to the peers and can be a part of highly engrossing sporty fun.


This basketball arcade rental does not come at a high price. Our competitive price points make the rental fee unbelievably affordable. The product is delivered at your spot and helps you set up in an effortless way. We also offer manpower to guarantee a hassle free playing experience for your guests.  


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you guarantee an enjoyable and uninterrupted playing experience?

As a trusted and renowned event equipment rental service provider, Eventguru offers the best solutions at reasonable prices. When you hire our equipment, you can expect timely technical support solutions to guarantee an uninterrupted playing experience.


Can I expect high quality entertainment?

Definitely; you can expect finest quality entertainment if you make use of our basketball arcade rental services. We deliver highly functional equipment with a lot of innovative features to provide unparalleled entertainment for your guests. They get the best opportunity to showcase their basketball skills. Everyone gets animated with the thrill and excitement of the game and the party becomes highly entertaining. 


What is your rental price?

Price should not be a concern for you if you choose us as your basketball arcade rental service provider.  High performance, excellent quality and competitive price points blend perfectly to offer the best experience for you. Special schemes and packages are available for customers who have been associating with us for a long term.

Basketball Arcade Game

    • Dimensions: 100cm x 230cm x 230cm
    • Weight: 110kg
    • Power Requirements: 1 x 13amp power outlet
    • Capacity: 1 player
    • Personalization Options: Customize the Arcade Basketball Machine with branded graphics, logos, colors, and themes to align with specific events, promotions, or marketing campaigns.
    • Brand Integration: Enhance brand visibility, customer engagement, and promotional opportunities through customizable branding options and interactive gameplay experiences.
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