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daytona arcade rental

Every 80's kid’s favorite arcade game, the Daytona Arcade Rental Singapore. A successor of the famous Outrun racing game, Daytona USA offers an upgraded graphics and user interface. A rare gem to be seen in Arcades around Singapore, this is a classic piece of racing machine to be seen nowadays! Entertain your guests for hours when you rent everyone’s favorite racing game from Eventguru! Enquire now!



  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Setup & teardown
  • Techicial Support within 2 hours upon activation 


Do you want to discover a highly reliable Daytona arcaderental company that offers the most innovative product? You don’t have to search anywhere else than Eventguru. We are one of the most renowned and reliable services providers with an inimitable reputation and credibility. Our product provides the most amazing gaming experience for your guests. 


We deliver our product in a timely manner at your spot and perform the setup process in a responsible way. OurDaytona arcade rentaloffers the ultimate fun and entertainment for all participants. No matter whether you are young, old, men or women; you can find our gaming equipment interesting and effective.    


Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect with your Daytona arcade rental?

You can find our product highly suitable to make your party astonishingly exciting and fun. Our complete package takes the gaming experience into a different level. We offer home delivery, setup, dismantle and collection to deliver the best hiring experience.


Can I rent your product at a reasonable price?

Yes; you can find our price budget friendly. We harmonize cost effectiveness, quality, reliability and safety perfectly to deliver the most pleasurable rental experience for each client. If you want to learn more about our latest packages and services, you can contact our customer support team. We don’t come up with any hidden costs.


What is your payment method?

We don’t follow any rigid payment methods. You can find our payment solutions highly user-friendly and flexible. Safety can also be associated with us. Cash payments are accepted among with corporate checks. You can also make online payments with us. Your convenience is our concern and we always strive hard to offer the best payment solutions for our customers. 

Daytona Arcade

  • 158cm (L) x 150cm (W) x 182cm (H)

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