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Tutu kueh live station also was known as Putu Piring is a traditional delicacy from the golden generations. Traditional steamed rice flour filled with palm sugar, it will give the young ones a new flavor to their tastebuds while giving the older ones a taste of nostalgia. Do rent our Kueh Tutu Stall to add that traditional touch to your events! Have a look at the other traditional snacks that we offer.

Tutu Kueh Live Station inclusive of :
Ingredients and equipment for the live station, manpower to serve, delivery and collection.

Requirement from client

Require 1 x table and 1 x power outlet.


Your search for a trusted tutu kueh live station rental service provider easily ends with Eventguru. We offer you the best package available in the industry with utmost accountability. You can find our pricing packet-friendly. Our discounts and special packages also play an important role in making the price incredibly affordable.


Eventguru offers various types of packages for our customers. You can hire our tutu kueh live station for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours. In fact; we allow you to decide the exact time you want. Our package containsall equipment, ingredients, manpower, delivery and collection services. You can contact us for a customized package as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect with yourtutu kueh live station rental?

If you want to introduce something traditional and innovative to your next party, you can choose your kueh live station rental package. You can offer a completely new taste for younger ones with the unique combination of traditional steamed rice flour and palm sugar. The older can be entertained with a taste of nostalgia with our tutu kueh live station rental service.

Do I need to pay a very high price?
Never worry about the price when you choose our service. Our prices are unbeatable and you can expect exceptional quality as well. You can talk to our customer support team to collect exact information on latest offers and prices.

Can I hire the services operators?
Yes; you can ask us to send operators and suppliers. Eventguru offers the best equipment, right ingredients, and manpower along with the delivery and collection services. We come fully prepared and set up the station in a fast and effective way. What we all need is a power outlet and a table.

Tutu Kueh Live Station

    • 2 hour : $500

    • 3 hour : $750

    • 4 hour : $1000

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