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Air Cooler Rental

Beat the Heat, Breathe Easy: Introducing the Ultimate 4-in-1 Air Solution

Cool, clean, comfortable air for any space up to 70 square meters: Say goodbye to scorching heat and stuffy air with the revolutionary 4-in-1 Air Cooler, Purifier, Ionizer, and Humidifier.

More than just a cooler:

  • Purify the air: Breathe easy knowing allergens and pollutants are neutralized with advanced air filtration technology.

  • Ionize for freshness: Negative ions combat odor and germs, leaving your space revitalized.

  • Humidify and soothe: Perfect for dry climates, the built-in humidifier adds refreshing moisture to the air.

Powerful performance for even the largest spaces:

  • Blast away the heat: With a powerful airflow of 8000m3/h, this air cooler effectively cools large areas like restaurants, factories, and even outdoor events.

  • Energy-efficient power: 380W with a POWER SAVER design lets you stay cool without worrying about your electricity bill.

Built for convenience and peace of mind:

  • Simple control: Navigate settings effortlessly with the LED display and remote control.

  • Large water tank: Enjoy hours of cool air thanks to the generous 100L water capacity.

  • Stay safe: Multiple safety features protect against overload, leaks, and motor issues.


  • Height: 140cm

  • Width: 85cm

  • Depth: 47cm

  • Weight: 37kg

  • Voltage: 220~240V/50Hz (Singapore UK Powerpoint)

More than just an air cooler, this multi-functional unit is your one-stop solution for a comfortable and healthy environment. Contact us today to learn more.

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