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Splashing Water in the Pool

Make a Splash with Our Water Inflatable Rentals: Slide, Float, and Conquer the Fun!

Welcome to our Water Inflatable Rental Hub, where the splash of excitement meets the ease of convenience! Dive into a world of aquatic thrills with our extensive range of inflatables, perfect for turning any event into a wet and wild adventure.

Unleash Excitement: Choose from a Variety of Water Slides, Pool Floats, and Inflatable Slides

  • Slide into Fun: Our water slide rentals redefine the meaning of fun in the sun. Whether it's a backyard bash, a corporate event, or a birthday celebration, our water slides provide the perfect splash of entertainment. Choose from a variety of sizes and themes to match your event, ensuring a thrilling experience for all.

  • Pool Float Paradise: Transform your pool into a paradise with our vibrant and comfortable pool floats. From relaxing loungers to whimsical shapes, our pool floats add a touch of luxury to your aquatic haven. Dive in, float away, and enjoy the sunshine in style.

  • Inflatable Slide Extravaganza: Elevate your event with our show-stopping inflatable slides. Towering high and adorned with exciting themes, our inflatable slides promise a gravity-defying adventure for thrill-seekers of all ages. Make a statement and turn your gathering into an unforgettable experience.

  • Conquer the Water Obstacle Course: Challenge your friends and family to navigate through our water obstacle courses. With twists, turns, and refreshing water features, these courses bring out the competitive spirit in a wet and wild setting. It's the ultimate test of agility and endurance, perfect for team-building events or friendly competitions.

Slide into Adventure: Explore our Water Slide Rentals for Every Event

Our Water Inflatable Rentals ensure hassle-free fun with prompt delivery, setup, and takedown. Dive into the excitement today and make a splash at your next event. Contact us to reserve your foam party, water soccer inflatable, inflatable pool, inflatable slide, or water obstacle course and let the aquatic adventure begin!

  • Where to get event rental in Singapore?
    The team at Eventguru is made up of able people with immense expertise. In the industry of event rental in Singapore, Eventguru has a squad of experts who are seasoned and supported. We've seen everything from big scale business events to your kids’ birthday party.
  • What kind of entertainment facility of your event rental in Singapore?
    Our event company specializes in arcade machines and carnival machine rentals for parties, festivals, and official functions. We also provide bouncy castles on rent, various food stalls, decorative stuff, all kind of carnival equipment, and a full package of event rental in Singapore.
  • What are the benefits of getting event rentals in Singapore from Eventguru?
    Our primary priority is to provide the utmost safety; all our equipment is carefully chosen. We put safety-first not only for your own but for our workers as well. When it comes to hosting delivery, quality is what matters. We seek to offer the highest quality materials and facilities that meet the needs of our customers.
  • What kind of event in Singapore, do you host?"
    Our experts in celebrations and parties will collaborate with you to help you achieve the ultimate corporate meeting, birthday bash, college party, carnival, family picnic, or whatever event you choose to host. We are assured that it will be possible for our competent staff to help you do that.
  • How affordable is your event rental in Singapore?
    Our offerings are worth the price that you pay for, delivering the highest value for the money. Meet with our team about whatever framework you have in vision, and we will make your wish come true at a reasonable and most affordable cost.
  • Do you provide customized event rental in Singapore?
    A big Yes! In order to make the perfect customization according to your desires, we also have tailor-made and bespoke party rentals in Singapore.
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