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bouncy castle rental singapore


Why Hire a Bouncy Castle for your Event

Bouncy castle rental has always been an eye-catching attraction at any event, no matter the color, no matter size, no matter the design, renting a bouncy castle will never fail to spark your events with that extra fun and improve the aesthetics! Here at Eventguru, our massive fleet of bounce houses has always been great for anyone that wants them at their events!

From mini-sized bouncy castles like the Bluey bounce house and Princess carousel bounce house to giant bouncy castle rentals like the Military challenge and Candy pop land, all these bouncy castles will surely pack a whole lot of fun and energy to the children that choose to venture in them! Bouncy castle rental is suitable for family day events, charity events, children parties and etc. Our huge collection sets the versatility and effectiveness of Eventguru as an event management company that can suit any of our customer’s needs!

Clean, Safe, and Well Maintain Bouncy Castles

A clean and safe environment can be assured while playing in our bouncy castles, regular maintenance, and proper supervision have always made renting experience from us a smooth and delightful one! Eventguru has always pledged to give our best to the ambassadors of fun to spread joy all around and our bouncy castles have never failed to do so.

Over 34 Themed Bouncy Castles to choose from!

Are you looking for a bouncy castle rental? Eventguru is one of the finest providers of bouncy castles in Singapore. Our huge collection of bouncy castles includes mini-sized to the giant bouncy house, based on various fun themes. To make your kids happy and give them a fun-filled day, getting a bouncy castle in Singapore is always a good idea for any celebration.  


Small Bouncy Castle