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The Cash Grabbing Machine a game so challenging, so intense, so heart-throbbingly exciting but still everyone wins, it’s the cash grab machine or some call it the cash flow booth! A game popularised by the shows we watch on the television, you can now have it at your events in real life! 

cash grab machine

Cash Grab Machine

hand grab booth

Hand Grab Booth

inflatable cash grab booth

Inflatable Cash Grab Booth

It’s a classic cash flow booth machine, cash grab game with the same rules for decades, a player stand in the booth and winds starts blowing everything around and the player has to catch as many CASH! as possible before the time ends! Easy understanding but as the game master you can always add a little more swirl into the game! Changing the number of prizes in the booth, adjusting the wind speed or adjusting the time a player has in one game, so many ways for you to make it more fun!


Eventguru has also come up with a little something extra to bring more appeal to the Cash Grab machine, sticker branding! Have any of your designs on the machine to promote or just simply blend in with the theme of your event! Just send in your designs and we will make it happen! Easy as that! Cmon then, lets have the entertaining Cash grab machine at your events now!