Ball Pit Rental

The Ball Pit, a wonderland filled with fun for kids of all ages.

What is not there to like, colourful balls and walls, safe from hard knocks and ugly falls, children can stay in there for hours and hours while having endless fun! 

A treat for events of all scales, the ball pit come in three different sizes to suit the needs of your events. The sizes are 4m by 2.5m, 5m by 4m and 10m by 4m. The bigger the ball pits are, the more children it can fit and the more fun can be created. The balls that we used are plastic and lightweight so that the kids can have a fun time throwing and jumping around them! Cleanliness is also an important aspect of Eventguru and that is why we practice a thorough cleaning of the balls after every use, so parents don’t have to worry about a thing when their kids are in the pit!

So, let’s work together to create fun and colourful memories for the younger ones by bringing the wonderful Ball Pit to your events! We have always kept our word to give a memorable experience to anyone that partners with Eventguru to bring fun to their events, so stop contemplating and let’s start distributing fun!

Germ Free Childsafe Disinfectant Solution Benefits:

  • Silver Ion technology

  • Child-safe

  • Non-Toxic Formulation

  • Eliminates 99.99% of disease-causing childhood germs

  • Trusted and used by preschools all over Singapore

Small Inflatable Ball Pit 

Size : 3m by 3m by 0.5m
No of Balls : 6000 

Small Structure Ball Pit 

Size : 4m by 2m by 0.5m or 4m by 1.5m by 0.5m
No of Balls : 6000

Large Structure Ball Pit

Size : 4m by 3m by 0.5m
No of Balls : 8000

Giant Structure Ball Pit

Size : 5m by 4m by 0.5m
No of Balls : 15,000

Mega Inflatable Ball Pit

Size : 10m by 5m by 0.5m
No of Balls : 30,000

Ball Pit Rental includes


  1. Delivery, setup, dismantle and collection.

  2. Cushion Mat to cover the floor of the ball pit area.

  3. Steps and Slide in and out of ball pit.

  4. Children shoe cabinet 


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