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Introducing Arcade Machine Rental in Singapore


Looking to introduce more excitement to your events? Want to increase the fun factor in your office’s entertainment room? We have the answer for you – arcade machine rentals in Singapore.


At Event Guru, we are your one-stop shop for all fun and games for all your events in Singapore – you name it we got it!


Our popular and crowd-pulling arcade game titles include:

  • Childhood and child-friendly classics like Air Hockey or King of Hammer

  • Thrilling rides like Daytona USA

  • Exciting competitive games like Bishi Bashi

  • And many more

Why Rent Arcade Games for Your Event in Singapore?

Psst…here is a secret, we are all kids at heart. Which is why our rentals are such popular highlights at all types of events – from children’s birthday parties, corporate dinner and dances, brand launches, community events and more.


Benefits of Having Arcade Games at Your Event:

  • A unique, engaging and most definitely impactful experience for your event guests. The perfect talking point at all events!

  • Customizable – Pick from the wide variety of titles and even tailor the games to reflect your brand or event’s theme to leave your guests with a strong impression.

  • Suitable for all ages – You will be surprised at how many little kids and adults flock to our games at events. Expect long queues!

Book Your Arcade Rentals from Event Guru Today in Singapore – Guaranteed Good & Efficient Service!

New to renting these exciting games for your events? Not to fear! As your number 1 arcade game rental provider in Singapore, we are here to ensure your rental experience is a fuss-free and memorable one.

Why Choose Event Guru Over Other Providers?

  • We have a huge catalogue of up to date and quality arcade games for you to choose from – whatever your gaming needs, we got you.

  • We have great reviews and feedback Google Reviews  from our direct and corporate customers like Mediacorp, SMRT, Far East Organization, Raffles Hotel and more. 

  • Our team of experienced professionals have a combined experience of 12 years providing great end to end games leasing services – from recommendations to set-up and tear down.


Look no further and reach out to our friendly and experienced team for any event enquires you have today!

Rent Arcade Machine, Arcade Games in Singapore

Frequently asked questions

Setup & Delivery

What if my game needs to be delivered inside, downstairs or upstairs ?

This will depend on the arcade machine you rent for the event and there will be additional charges involve for manpower to carry up/down the stairways. Please kindly contact us and we will advise you whether the arcade machines is suitable for your event.

Do the majority of the machine you provide fit through a regular doorway?

Yes, most of our arcade machines fit perfectly fine through the regular doorway in Singapore. However some of the large and bulky machines does not fit through a regular doorway. Please contact our Sales Department through chat or email to check on the machines that may have difficulty fitting through the regular doorway.

Few examples or machines that does not fit through the door.
1.) Basketball Arcade Machine
2.) Pump it up Arcade Machine

Does your arcade machines use a standard household electrical outlet ?

Yes, all of our arcade machines use a standard household electrical outlet.

What happens if the arcade machine is delivered damaged or not working ?

We will always check and run the machines 1 day before delivering the machines to the event site. However, if the arcade machine is not working upon delivery. We will access the machine first to check if it can be functional otherwise we will inform the client and ask if they would like to replace the machine with other arcade games.

What should i do if the machines breakdown during the rental?

Please contact us immediately if you notice the machine is not functioning properly. We will try to rectify the issue over the phone, if we are unable to solve it over the phone. Please allow us 1-2 hours activation time to drop by the event site to rectify the problem.

Do I have to do any sort of setup or assembly for the rental?

No, we will just our client to assign us the power outlet to use and ensure enough space to setup the arcade machines.

Rental Rates and Enquiry

Do you provide discounts for numerous arcade machine rental?

We provide exellent discounts to customers who is looking for three or more arcade machine rental for an event. Once you've decided on the machine you want to rent, contact our Sales Department via chat or email.

Will I have to use tokens to play the game ? Can it be set to Free Game Mode ?

We can set our arcade machines to accept tokens or set it to free game mode depending on what our client needs for the event.

Do I have to apply for license to setup the arcade machines ?

No license is required if all arcade games are set to free play or token mode, which do not entail any money processing.

Can i customise the machine for branding purposes?

Yes, we do offer branding options for our arcade machines. Do contact our Sales Department via chat or email.

Do you offer discount for long term rental?

Yes, we do offer excellent discount for long term rental.

Is your arcade machines for sales?

Yes, please check out our purchase page for arcade machine for sales.
Arcade purchase page.