axe throwing game singapore

Axe Throwing Inflatable game, you do not have to worry about the safety and you get to enjoy this game. Suitable for all ages. 


People are exploring different ways to make their parties entertaining for guests of all ages. Axe throwing inflatable is certainly one of the most popular choices available today. You can contact Eventguru to hire the best axe throwing inflatable available. Our product is unique and safe, and keeps people engaged for a long period.


When you use our axe throwing inflatable, all dangers are eliminated because we offer a calculated foam-filled axe. Age or sex doesn’t matter to play this game because it is equally enjoyable for people of different ages. You can make your party amazingly entertaining with our axe throwing inflatable rental services.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why you should hire our axe throwing inflatable?

We can put forwards several reasons to prove that our product is the best choice available on the market. The wooden-inspired attractive designs make our product truly unique and appealing. You can spot the target from a distance and the entire experience becomes highly enjoyable.


Is your product safe?

Of course; we guarantee optimal safety with our product. You are throwing only vecro-filled axes and creating an illusion of throwing an axe. So you don’t have to bother about the axes causing injuries when someone misses an axe. We follow all safety procedures in a responsible way. Customer safety is our number one priority and we never make any compromise on this aspect. 


Who can play this game?

Our axe throwing inflatable does not put any age restriction. It is equally entertaining for children, adults, men and women as well. If you are wondering how small children can lift and throw an exe, we have the best answer. All our axes are light enough and easy for children to deal with. ​​​​​​​

Axe Throwing