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The Bishi Bashi Arcade Rental is 3-player arcade game, players are only required to control their own red, blue and green buttons. A cult classic from Japan developers, Konami!. Fun mini-games can be chosen and all the players have to do is follow the instructions given. The best player will be determined by their ability to fulfill the objectives at the fastest rate! Fun but yet competitive enough to make this game a whole lot entertaining for your guests. So have some Bishi Bashi fun at your parties with this entertaining arcade game!



  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Setup & teardown


Are you searching for the best Bishi Bashi arcade rental solutions? Look no farther than Eventguru. We offer the most advanced and reliable Bishi Bashi arcade rental for our customers. You can make your party lively, entertaining and exciting with our high quality machines. We offer door to door delivery and set up and tear down services for our customers.  


Competitive pricing is what you can expect when you depend on us to meet your event equipment rental needs. Several highly exciting fun games are included to provide an unforgettable experience for all guests. You can choose our machine for any type of party, event or carnival.   


Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from yourBishi Bashi arcade rental?

When you hire our machine, you can offer your guests a 3-player arcade game. Players need to control their buttons to materialize the objectives in a fast manner. You can have great fun as you keep on playing this competitive game. Many fun games can be chosen and the instructions need to be followed carefully.


How much fee you charge for renting your machine?

As a trustworthy event equipment rental company, Eventguru offers the most advanced and responsive Bishi Bashi arcade machines for our customers. However, we make this product available for rent at the most competitive price. In fact; we offer an unbeatable price for each client.


Can I get in touch with you for an emergency need?

Yes; you can contact us if you need a Bishi Bashi arcade rental machine immediately. If we have a machine available, we will deliver at your spot without any delay to fulfill your immediate requirements. Our ultimate objective is to deliver the right solution to each customer at an affordable price.

Bishi Bashi Arcade

  • 117cm (L) x 98cm (W) x 225cm (H)

  • Require 1 power outlet

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