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frozen bouncy castle

Your party will become a frozen fantasyland with our Frozen Fortress bouncy house. This charming fortress is complete with high spires, a large jumping area and a fun slide. The entrance area has a ramp for easy access. Mesh sides keep the kids safely inside while parents observe from a short distance. The high slide has foot and hand holds to help kids climb up to the top with ease before sliding down to the exit.


  • Door to door delivery
  • Setup and tear down
  • Easy child monitoring
  • Perfect for ages 2 to 14 years
  • Spacious jumping play area
  • Slide
  • Climb


Are you planning to hire frozen fortress bouncy house of exceptional quality and appeal? You don’t have to look anywhere else than Eventguru. We offer the best product available on the market. You can find many innovative features on this bouncy house. We also guarantee uncompromising safety for children.


This child-friendly frozen fortress bouncy house can be hired at an affordable price. We also offer amazing discounts for loyal customers. Door to door delivery is provided to safeguard the rights and interests of our customers. This product comes with spacious jumping area. Monitoring the children can be done easily as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1) What makes your frozen fortress bouncy house?

Appealing look, spacious play area and high safety combine well to deliver the best user experience. You can find many innovative features including high spires, fun slide, ramp and many more. Children can have a wonderful time at this beautiful bouncy house.


2) Can I expect optimal safety with your product?

Yes; Eventguru offers the best safety for children. Highest quality materials are used to ensure excellent longevity and security.  You can monitor children in an easy and effortless way. The mesh sides keep the children safe inside. You can seek our assistance to setup the bounce house.


3) What about the age category of children?

Our frozen fortress bouncy house can accommodate children age between 2 and 14 years. Lavish jump area is provided to deliver the best experience for children. You can easily set up and tear down this bouncy house.


4) What is your price?

Our price is the highly reasonable. You can enjoy excellent discounts when you hire our bounce house. You just need to pay $500 for this product. 

Frozen Fortress

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