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Muah Chee Live Station inclusive of :

Ingredients and equipment for live station, manpower to serve, delivery and collection.

Requirement from client

Require 1 x table and 1 x power outlet.


Are you searching for the best muah chee station rental package for your next party? You don’t have to search endlessly because Eventguru offers the most rewarding and functional muah chee station solution available today. You can find our product extremely beneficial and useful which serves your purpose perfectly.


No matter whether you need 200, 300, 400 or 500 pax; we have got your needs covered. Our prices are the most reasonable in the industry. Our muah chee live station comprises of all ingredients and equipment to make your party amazingly successful. If you want manpower, you can contact us as well.


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes your muah chee station rental services truly unique?

Our ultimate objective is to offer everything you need and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. If you want a package that covers all basic needs, you can choose our standard package. Your special needs are also taken care of by offering customized rental packages.


Do you offer product delivery?

Yes; we offer door to door product delivery to serve the customer needs in the best possible way. Eventguru also collects the equipment after the party to help you save a lot of time and effort.


Can I ask for manpower to operate the machinery?

You can definitely ask for the services of experienced people to operate the machinery and serve the food to the guests. You just need to provide us a table and one power outlet. We will take care of all other aspects in a responsible way.


What is your price?

Our price is the most affordable in the industry. You can have a discussion with our customer service team to know more about the latest price packages and other relevant details.

Muah Chee Live Station

    • 200 pax : $400

    • 300 pax : $600

    • 400 pax : $800

    • 500 pax : $1000

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