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Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental

Add a delightful twist to your event with our Soft Serve Ice Cream Booth Rental! Perfect for parties, gatherings, and special occasions, our booth offers creamy, flavorful soft serve ice cream that's sure to impress guests of all ages. Easy to set up, customizable menus, and hassle-free operation make our rental a sweet choice for unforgettable moments.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine rental inclusive of

  • Free flow Ingredients for operation
  • Machine operators
  • Assorted Toppings
  • Cart and Props Setup
  • Delivery and collection.


Classic Flavours
1. Chocolate 
2. Vanilla 
3. Yogurt


Fruit flavours:
1. Mango
2. Lychee
3. Strawberry
4. Blueberry 
5. Lime 
6. Pink guava 
7. Purple grape 
8. ⁠Raspberry 
9. ⁠Blackcurrant 


Choose 2 classic flavours
1 classic and 1 fruit flavour

All food products halal certified.


Requirement from Client 

1 x table and 1 x power outlet for each machine rental


Other Ice cream products

Traditional Ice Cream

Thai Roll Ice Cream 

Potong Ice Cream Stick

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


    • 2 hours : $550 

    • 3 hours : $750

    • 4 hours : $950

    Up to 100pax per hour serving

  • Push Cart Trolley – $350 per cart

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