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giant funfair games rental


If you have the venue decided, foods and beverages are ready for order, and decorations are done, then it’s time to up the game by adding fun fair games on the list of to-do-things for your carnival. It is hard to imagine having a carnival without giant carnival games. It would be a great idea to build stalls for visitors and give them a thrilling experience with exciting prizes. 

Where the games can be used 

Due to their fame and acceptance amongst the general audience, the fun fair games can be used in all sorts of events including carnivals, kid’s birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and more. Usually, these games can be competitive and yet you can have lots of fun with your loved ones at any event. There’s something about giant carnival games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds. Basically, these games test your ability including your strength, aim, etc. 
People can find enjoyment in all sorts of shapes and sizes at the carnival and Eventguru games rental can help you make your event one of the most enjoyable times for your guests. 

Why Eventguru?
Eventguru has more than 10 years of experience in making your events a great success. We have a superior team of professionals who specializes in carnival game rentals for festivities, fairs, and endorsed functions. Our equipment can bring you variations, amusement and, especially, safety to your carnival event. Here is a collection of Giant carnival games that we offer:

Shoot The Duck

shoot the duck carnival games

In this game, you would be asked to shoot the moving ducks. Some call it Duck hunt as well. It is a shooter game where the main goal of the player is to shoot the ducks and score points. Just aim and see how many crafty shots you can make before it’s time to quit. 

Balloon Darts

balloon darts carnival game

Want to pop some colorful balloons? Balloon Darts is a game where you would have to pop the balloons. It is quite easy and can bring out the fun side of you at a carnival. Some players like the sound of pop that occurs when your dart hits the balloon. This game can be played by both adults and their kids. Balloon Darts game can be a successful addition at carnivals, fairs, office parties, picnics, gatherings, and in fact, can be very useful to break the awkwardness in the classrooms, offices, and families. 

Break The Teeth

break the teeth carnival game

Do you want to break somebody’s teeth? Then you are most welcome to play Break The Teeth. Don’t worry, you won’t have to break the actual teeth. Your task would be fairly simple. All you would have to do is take the aim and break the teeth you would be able to see on the board in front of you. The game can be played by people of all ages, especially those who are a fan of dentist games. So add this game to your carnival event and enjoy this eccentric and exciting game with others. 

Ball in Bucket or Lobster Pot

lobster pot carnival game

You can call it both, Ball in Bucket or Lobster Pot, but you would be doing the same thing in both the cases. That would be throwing a ball in the bucket. It is a popular game carnival fun fair game and can be enjoyed by people of almost all ages and talents. It will test your accuracy while giving you a pleasurable time with your friends.

Bottle Ring Toss

bottle ring toss carnival game

Almost every carnival or fair has a Bottle Ring Toss game. Just toss the ring and see if you win. You can have this game at your carnival-themed party, school events, festival celebrations, and more. It can be played and enjoyed by almost everyone.
At Eventguru, we offer a lot to our customers. From arcade machines, carnival food stalls to stage performances, you can have it all at your party. 

carnival game stall rental

Tabletop Carnival Games

Mini-sized fun, big on entertainment! Our Table Top Carnival Games are perfect for intimate gatherings and events with limited space.

carnival game stall rental

Traditional Game booths

Engaging in traditional games can be a great way to foster bonds and create lasting memories. 

carnival game stall rental

Inflatable Games

Launch into excitement with our Inflatable Games! Larger-than-life fun for an immersive and memorable experience.

carnival game stall rental

Giant Lawn Games

Take outdoor fun to new heights with our Giant Lawn Games! Oversized classics for a playful and unforgettable time in your backyard.

carnival game stall rental

Giant Funfair Games

Step right up to joy with our Giant Funfair Games! Oversized classics add whimsy and nostalgia to events of all sizes.

carnival game stall rental

Kinder Golf Games 

Little golfers, big fun! Introduce kids to golf with our Kinder Golf Games, making learning the sport a delightful adventure.

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