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Different Styles of arcade games machines

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Are you interested in building a centre for local youths to have fun? Or you just want to come up with a home arcade? Whatever the case, it is a great idea to have fun and help other people get it as well.

However, getting the right game is critical. Those who run arcade game rental services understand this, and that is why they will go an extra mile to make sure they get the best arcade game machines in the market.

Before you hit the market to get these components, you need to know a few things about arcade game machine. The best thing to start with is understand what they what options you have.

As much as every machine that you see on the market may seem useful, they may not be of much use to your needs. The word is always coming up with better things.

So what comes in your mind when you think of arcade game machines? For those who have heard them during their youth, the old-style machine styles will upright hit their minds. Well, they still exist today, but there are other options that are so much better. There are very many styles, and here are some:

Cocktail arcade machines

Arcade games come in different styles and positions. Mostly, you will find upright games on many machines in the market.

But did you know you can play the games from other angles. The cocktail arcade machines take the upright games and lay them horizontally. Many people don’t realize it but this is one of the best styles of playing arcade games. They split the screen so that you can have two people play at once. This is a great way to leverage on your business for renting these machines.

These machines are about the height of traditional cocktail table. They even have the same look as the table and provide the same feeling. They come with a plastic cover that protects the screen from potential damages.

Barrel arcade machines

These machines have the game mounted on a barrel. This is why they are called with the name. They are the same height as the cocktail games top. The screen is still flat though and has the plastic cover to prevent spills and damages. The other difference is that it does not allow for two people to play at the same time. They are designed for a single player at any given time.

Well, these machines should take you the days of your youth. They are the traditional machines designed with controls designed in an upright manner. The screen is inside the chassis and is angled to provide better views.

There are many other arcade game designs coming up every day. Now that you know, it should be easy getting one.

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