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How do you choose a good inflatable castle?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

One of the best things to get for kids party is a bouncy castle. They are castle light play house that are inflated.

Every great event, for instance a carnivore, a charity fund raiser or even birthdays can be made fun with these items. It is part of making the whole thing worth remembering for those who attend.

Unfortunately they are very expensive and buying one every time you have a function is not feasible. The best way to get them is through inflatable castle rental.

There are very many options in the market for these items it and sometimes it becomes too overwhelming to choose. Hence, we have are going to share a few tips on what to consider in obtaining a good inflatable castle.

Product Consideration:

The size

Inflatable castles come in different sizes and shapes. Each is designed to meet specific needs as per the requirements of the person renting them.

You need to know how big your event is and how many people you expect to use the facility. If you are only doing it for a few children, there is no need of getting a big one. But if you are expecting bigger kids, a larger one is required.

The target users

You have to consider the ages of those who are going to use the facility. Some of the castles, especially those that bounce, can even be used by adults to burn some calories. If you are having a team building event, this is among the things to consider.

The weight considerations

Each castle is meant to hold only a specific weight. Putting them under too much weight can cause serious damages. Go online and check for such information or contact us to find out more.

Rental company considerations

Now that you know the types of facility you want to rent, it is important to know who to rent it from. There are many inflatable castle rental services out there. Who you get it from may make the different between the event’s success and failure.

How long has the company bee renting such services? Find out how experienced they are in supporting events such as the one you want.

How good are they at customer care services? Do they receive your calls in time and talk nicely to you. This should tell you how serious the company is at proving the services.

Such are things to consider when hiring inflatable castles. We hope you are able to choose one that if fit.

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