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How to Always Win the Hardest Carnival Games

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Win the Hardest Carnival Games

When is the last time you played a carnival game? They're a lot of fun for kids, and they can take any grown-up back to feeling like a kid again. Carnival game rentals are rising in popularity again. With these games booth comes the thrill of winning a prize, as well as the disappointment of losing a game that seems too easy to lose. Kids can get frustrated quickly, while adults can feel like the game took advantage of them in some way.

Enjoy carnival games more when you know the tips and tricks of winning the games. Next time you play, keep these tips in mind to win the hardest carnival games stalls.

1. Rule the Ring Toss

The ring toss should be simple. Throw rings over the tops of bottles and win a prize. However, it can seem like no matter how many rings you toss, you never land on enough bottles to win the game.

Knowing how to win at carnival games includes understanding how the ring toss works—and doesn't work. In many cases, the rings are not much larger than the bottle tops you need to "hook" with the ring. Many times, the rings are a hard plastic that tends to bounce off of objects. This keeps the rings from settling over the top of a bottle.

What should be an easy task is more of a challenge due to circumstances working against you, so how can you win? Alter your throwing technique. You'll still find it challenging to win this game. But, if you give the ring a slight spin when you toss, this can help the ring "settle" instead of "bounce."

2. Beat the Basketball Free Throw

You might be a superstar on the basketball court, but when it comes to winning basketball free-throw carnival games, you can't sink your shot.

This game has several challenges. To win, you need to understand what's really happening. It's not your regulation size or shape of the hoop. Most often, the hoop is oval instead of round. It's also usually only a bit larger than the ball.

You might also notice the balls are over- or under-inflated. Your sharp-shooting skills can't overcome a ball that will bounce around on a hoop that's too small. To win this game, you'll have to improve your aim to swish the ball through nothing but net.

3. Be a Balloon-Pop Pro

Popping a balloon should be simple. In a real-life scenario, balloons seem to pop without much work. Touch a sharp object to the balloon or drop something heavy, and a balloon pops without warning. This fails to happen when playing a carnival pop game. The balloons stay stubbornly intact, no matter how many darts or sandbags you toss at them. The life of a carnival balloon is unlike the life of a balloon out in the world. Carnival balloons are often underinflated to make them tougher to pop.

You might also notice that the throwing darts aren't the sharpest tools in the room. They're dull and bounce off of the balloons like a rubber ball. Your best bet to winning carnival games like the balloon pop game is to look for balloons that appear to have the most air in them. Then, throw your darts (or bean bags, depending on the game) as hard as you can at those fuller balloons.

4. Master the Milk Bottle Game

Even someone with the best throwing arm finds it difficult to knock down the tower of milk bottles at the carnival. Sometimes, learning how to win at carnival games isn't about how hard you can throw. For the milk bottle game, focus on accuracy.

Many times, the milk bottles are special, weighted bottles. The bottom of the bottles is heavier than the tops to help them remain standing while deflecting bean bags. To master this game, aim for the bottom center of the stack of milk bottles. Striking the top won't create the momentum you need to overcome the weight of the bottom of the bottles.

Aim low!

5. Be a Shooting Star

Shooting games can be some of the most challenge carnival games. You have a variety of things working against you, from crooked sites on the gun to cheap triggers and bent muzzles.

Accuracy is a problem when using a carnival gun to shoot at a target. If you're attempting to win the shooting star game, don't focus on the star. The object of the game is to shoot the star out of the center of the paper. Aiming and shooting at the center of the star won't allow the star to fall out of the paper.

Aim for the edges of the star and shoot a circle around it. Even the sharpest shooter can find it difficult to aim well with a carnival gun. Use your first shot to judge the inaccuracy of the rifle, then adjust for your remaining shots.

Winning Isn't Everything With Carnival Games

Carnival games are silly fun for young and old alike. Many people enjoy the challenge of trying to beat a game they know is working against them. If it's too frustrating to learn how to beat carnival games, try to enjoy the fun carnival atmosphere these games provide.

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