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Why You Need A Reliable Carnival Rental Service

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Carnival rental singapore

If you have an important event coming up like a birthday party, fundraiser, anniversary, wedding, or any event that will require you to keep your guests so highly entertained and engaged to the extent that they feel reluctant to leave the venue, then you definitely need a carnival rental service. As an individual or a party planner, you would be hard pressed to own all the equipment you need to facilitate a truly fun event and if you were to go around looking for places to rent them from, then you may have a little difficulty as not many vendors will have all you need in one place.

Because we realize the importance and ease of making anything related to rentals and events available at once, here at Eventguru, we take it upon ourselves to make sure we have every single source of event entertainment you could possibly need right here at our carnival rental service. So there is no need for you to spend hours on the internet or rushing from one store to another searching for supplies and rentals for you to make your event one to remember. Everything you could possibly need, we have right here. We offer you everything from equipment rental to setup and demo to ensure that your event goes down without any stress to you. Because we are professionals who have years of experience with working at events we know all the right ways to organize one. If you’re anxious to know what our rentals include, here are some of the services we offer.

Arcade rental

Everyone loves a good arcade. With a wide number of games and activities that people of all ages can enjoy, your event will come alive and attract people to participate in the fun. This is especially a great rental for birthday parties and children parties or carnivals where you want attendees to play some interactive games where they can win stuff, or engage in some light competition when they play games like arcade basketball, virtual reality games, and other standing video games. If you have a look at our wide range of arcade rental machines you will definitely find one or two that suits your event's needs.

Bring out the creative side of your party guests as they engage in fun arts and crafts like egg painting and fossil digging or coloring. This rental can act as the main attraction in a children’s party as we all know how much kids love to craft. They’ll have fun learning how to make new things you can put up on the fridge and who knows, this can be their introduction into becoming a world famous artist. Our art and crafts workshop can also serve as a side attraction where the kids can have their own fun center during a carnival or other adult events.

ball pit singapore

Ball pits are all the rage these days and can be found at pretty much every event that wants to leave an impact on its attendees. Just as the name suggests, it’s a pit filled with inflatable balls were children of all ages can have fun playing with each other. It’s completely safe so even if they fall, the balls are soft and lightweight so they will cushion them as they have fun tossing them about. After each use, every ball is hygienically cleaned because event guru prioritizes cleanliness to avoid spreading germs.

bouncy castles

This age-old fun attraction has become a staple at every single event. No birthday party or carnival is complete without one. Both children and some adults can have fun bouncing around with each other as our bouncy castles come in different shapes and sizes. They can also be matched with the theme of your event as we have bouncy castles to suit every occasion like obstacle bouncy castles and large to small bouncy castles.

carnival games

No carnival will ever be the same as another when you use our carnival rental services. We bring the true carnival experience to every event with a wide range of carnival equipment including carnival game stalls that will bring fun to your events. Games like color match and traditional games like five stone are included and attendees can win prizes when they complete the game. We also have equipment like logistic rentals including chairs, stages, water games, bull riding and special effects equipment like a bubbles machine.

cash flow booth

If you’ve seen a game show on tv where contestants are given the opportunity to grab as much cash as they can while the wind blows it around in order to win the money but you’ve never been able to get on a tv show, now is your chance! This game is thrilling and heart racing including the added advantage of taking home some cool cash. Guests will be lining up to play this game and you can even add a twist to the game by changing up prices or putting your design on the machine to act as an advert. We also rent out instant photo booths that make it possible for you and your guests to keep memories of the occasion alive by capturing a picture and printing them immediately. All you need to do is step into the booth with all your friends and say cheese, our photo booths will work their magic and you’ll get pictures you can cherish forever.

carnival rental singapore

The Eventguru experience

Planning an occasion on your own whether it’s a party or corporate event can be quite challenging and hectic for one person to handle. Which is why event guru event rentals is here to take away the stress by handling all the logistics of renting. If you are using our rental services you can be sure our crew will arrive early to set up the equipment and ensure that they are all working perfectly. We can also provide a crew member to man the equipment you have rented, show you how it works and provide you with tokens or anything else you need for a true carnival experience.


With all of our unique rental services, it’s no wonder we are the first carnival rental service to be called when someone is looking to rent equipment and host a truly wonderful party. Contact us today and we will work for hand in hand with you to ensure you get everything you need for your party easily.

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