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How to choose a good bounce house castle

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Bouncy castles are one of the best entertainment tools for both adults and kids as it provides great amusement.

If you are organizing an event, say a kids event for instance, you need a bounce house castle. They love jumping in it more than any other fun activity you can think of.

But choosing the right castle is not as easy as it may sound. There are a number of things you will have to put in mind. In essence, a working bouncy castle needs to have the following characteristics.

It must be of high quality

This is where the consideration for quality comes in. You need something that will last for a long time giving you the value of your money.

Whether you are renting or buying one, take note of the different standards that are available. A bouncy castle is not only for kids as adults also use it for exercise purposes.

To get the right quality, start by checking the types of material it is made from. There are many material considerations in such inflatable equipment. The last things you want is a material that punctures too easily.

Consider the manufacturer as well. There are some manufacturers who has experience in the field and will make your day count with the best product. Others are generally poor. Be very careful with this especially if you are getting them from online.

The right and weight restrictions

Who will be using the item? What is their age and weight? All bounce house castles come with age and weight restrictions.

As stated above, they are made not only for kids but some are for adults as well. If you are expecting to use it with older kids, it must be of the right weight and age considerations.

Generally, the standard weight for modern castes is 100 pounds. And smaller ones are made for small children.

If you are renting these items, considering such factors ensures the safety of your children.

Filling and maintenance

A bounce house castle requires inflation. Different castles are designed to be filled in different ways. The manufacturer should provide you with clear instructions on this. Since they are quite delicate, the way you keep them ensures longevity.

Pick a bouncy house that is easy to fill and maintain. It will not be worth getting something that is too stressful and costly.

With these considerations, it should be easy making your kids happy. You have the right bouncy house for them.

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