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How to Win Soft Toys at The Claw Machine

Updated: Apr 24

Gaming is always a fun experience. It has a refreshing and therapeutic effect on the person playing more so because it is indeed an enjoyable and fun experience. The arcade games are engaging and fun to play. From children to older people arcade games have hooked people and it is a fun way of spending leisure time relaxing into some gaming activities. One such exciting game is the claw machine game

How to Win Soft Toys at The Claw Machine
How to Win Soft Toys at The Claw Machine

What is the claw machine game all about?

It is those gaming arcade that often comes filled with unexpectedly cute and adorable looking soft toys or large candies and cushions and they are all inside a machine with glass covers. The claw is operated from outside and if you can pick the toy out and place it in the safe zone it is yours. However, many a time the claw gets loose or while moving the toy falls of and you lose.

So here are some great techniques to try while playing a claw machine game:

  • The very first tip is to make as many attempts as you could. It is almost like a gamble that one random time you get to win so keeping an open heart about it is advisable.

  • Inspect the machine and how the claws work carefully. Let other gamers play and you should stand for dome time and watch. This gives a strategic approach as in when to pull the drop button. In case you watch the claw grip is too loose then it is not worth playing as eventually, you will lose.

  • If you have a partner it is always better as you can play and the other partner can keep an eye on the other axis.

  • Another tip is before you start playing fix upon what you want as a prize. Eyeing on a very huge soft toy can be a very bad idea as the weight might be the cause of the claws to slip it down and thus you will not have any winning chances.

  • Prefer playing with the ones that have three-prong claws instead of just two. The two prongs ones often drop while the three claw graspers have higher chances of holding the toy. Hence the chance of winning is also high there.

  • Usually, the claw machines will give you to get the toy or object out so use your time wisely as in when to drop the claw.

  • Last but not the least, practice makes it perfect. So even if you watch do consider that the first few times can be a practice session for you.

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