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Ice Cream Cart Rental

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

ice cream cart rental singapore
Ice Cream Cart Rental

It's good, it's cheap and it's tasty. Everyone knows what's coming when they hear the bell.

Traditional ice cream cart, with assorted flavours like Sweet Corn, Attap Seed, Chocolate,

Coconut, Mango and Chocolate Chips, they are sure a must have dessert to cool everyone down during a hot day.

halal ice cream catering singapore
Slice Ice cream on bread

Stuffed in a cone or just simply wrapped around a wafer or the rainbow bread, nothing can go wrong with the ice cream cart rental only in Singapore.

Walking along the shopping streets of Orchard Road, the sight of an traditional ice cream vendor by the walkway will sure do me some good.

That feeling of sweet milky coldness sliding down the throat with every lick, that will definitely be a relieving feeling for anyone.

Traditional ice cream cart rental or Potong ice cream will fit just about anywhere you want it to be; weddings, parties, corporate events, everyone loves Ice Cream.

To check out more cooling food items at Eventguru we have : Ice popsicle, Thai rolled ice cream, Snow cones, Ice Kachang and Traditional drinks stall.

So, chill out and enjoy at your event with our Ice Cream Cart Rental

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