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archery inflatable game rental

Shoot down the hovering balls with the Archery Inflatable Games. The arrows are all foam tip arrows so no one will be hurt as it is call the SAFE Archery. 


Archery is very entertaining sport for many people. Do you want to offer an unbelievable archery inflatable playing experience for your guests? A lot of people hire these types of equipment to make their party highly entertaining for adults as well as kids. Eventguru offers best archery inflatable game rental for our customers.

Our rental price for the equipment is the best in the industry. The hovering balls can be shot down with our archery inflatable game. You can play this game in a safe manner because we use only foam tip arrows. They are not going to hurt people even if get hit. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How safe is your archery inflatable game?

As a highly renowned event equipment rental company in Singapore, Eventguru is committed to safeguarding the interests of each client. We deliver only high quality, yet safe archery inflatable game equipment rental solutions to surpass your expectations. Safety is of paramount importance to us. All our arrows are foam tip arrows and they are not going to cause any damage.


How much you charge for your archery game equipment?

We don’t make any compromise on quality. However, you don’t have to worry about our prices because we strive hard to offer the best archery inflatable gaming experience for your guests in a cost efficient way.


How can I place an order?

You can give us a call or submit an online enquiry form to inform us about your needs. Our experts will assess your requirements and come up with the most suitable rental equipment.


Do you offer home delivery?

Yes; we provide home delivery and help you set up the archery inflatable game at your premise. You can also seek our expertise to operate this equipment. We collect the product responsibly after serving your needs perfectly.  

Archery Inflatable Game

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