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Looking for a Churros live station rental to captivate your crowd and wanting them to come back for more? Try renting our Halal Churros live station with flexible renting hours and ability to serve small or huge crowds, rentals also come with professional manpower to satisfy any of your Churros needs with the best quality at the cheapest price.

Churros station rental inclusive of :

  • Ingredients and materials for operation
  • Churros fryer operators
  • Delivery and collection

Requirement from Client 

1 x table and 1 x power outlet for each machine rental


Do you want to hire Churros Live Station? Eventguru offers the most reliable rental services for our customers. You can find our rental services extremely beneficial and convenient. No matter whether you want to take care of the needs a small or large number of people; you can choose our Churros station rental solutions.


You can hire our machine based on your exact needs. We offer flexible renting hours and beneficial packages. Our package contains everything you need. You can find our price extremely affordable. We deliver the machine on time and collect it after your use in a responsible manner.   


Frequently Asked Questions


What does your Churros Live Station contain?

When you make use of our Churros Live Station rental service, you can find all ingredients and materials for operation. If you want experienced churros fryer operators, we will deliver the best professionals.


What is your price?

If you are searching for a top quality churros live station rental service provider, you can contact Eventguru. We offer the best machines at most affordable prices. You can find our prices amazingly affordable. In order to know the exact price, you can talk to our customer service team.


Can I hire your service for a short period of time?

Surely; you can hire our machine for a short period. We focus on meeting the needs of each customer in the best possible way. Our renting times are highly flexible and you can choose a convenient duration based on your unique needs.

Can I use your services to meet the needs of large number of people?

Yes; you can contact us to meet any type of need irrespective of the size of the crowd. We have the best solutions available to fulfill small as well as large requirements.


Churros Live Station

    • 200 pax : $400
    • 300 pax : $580
    • 400 pax : $760
    • 500 pax : $940
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