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Claw Catcher Machine (Glass)


Introducing our Glass Claw Catcher Machine, a modern and visually stunning amusement device that combines cutting-edge design with interactive gameplay. This innovative machine offers a transparent glass structure, allowing players and spectators to witness the exciting claw-grabbing action while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Ideal for various events, venues, or promotional campaigns, this Machine provides a captivating experience for participants of all ages.


  • Transparent Glass Design: It features a transparent glass structure, providing a clear view of the internal components, prizes, and gameplay. This unique design element enhances visibility, engagement, and aesthetic appeal, creating a memorable experience for players and spectators alike.

  • Advanced Gameplay: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, adjustable settings, and intuitive controls, the machine offers players a challenging and rewarding claw-grabbing experience. Users can customize claw strength, grip patterns, and prize configurations to suit various skill levels and preferences.

  • High-Quality Construction: Built with durable materials, reinforced mechanisms, and secure locking systems, this Claw Catcher Machine ensures longevity, reliability, and optimal performance in various settings. The machine's robust design withstands frequent use, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience for users.

  • Customizable Options: Tailor the Machine to align with your brand, event, or theme through customizable branding, graphics, LED lighting, prize selection, and other personalized features. Enhance brand visibility, customer engagement, and promotional opportunities by integrating your brand elements seamlessly into the machine's design.

Experience the future of amusement technology and entertainment with our Catcher Machine. For more information, pricing details, or specific inquiries regarding rentals, purchases, features, or customization options, please contact our dedicated sales team. We are committed to providing exceptional products, unparalleled customer service, and innovative solutions to meet your entertainment needs and exceed your expectations.

Claw Catcher Machine

    • Dimensions: 85cm x 80cm x 195cm
    • Weight: 150kg
    • Power Requirements: 1 x 13amp power outlet
    • Capacity: 1 player
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