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Get on board and wreck havoc with the Crazy Taxi Arcade Game! Race against the clock while swerving the bends and roads of the city, just to get your rider to their destination in time! The faster you arrived, the more points you get, the slower you are, the lesser you get and eventually losing the whole game abruptly! So, ready those crazy driving skills and get the highest of scores by renting Crazy Taxi from us now!



Crazy taxi arcade game machines are an unavoidable part of carnivals, parties and events nowadays. These types of machines offer great fun and entertainment for customers and guests. It is not a practical idea to rent one for your next party or event. Hiring one is the best choice available. If you want the best crazy taxi arcade game rental for your event, you can contact Eventguru.


We offer the most refined and reliable machine available on the market. You don’t need to worry about your guests feeling bored because our equipment keeps them engaged for several hours. Our rental price is the most competitive in the industry. Your guests can have a wonderful gaming experience with our crazy taxi arcade game rental.


Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do to contact you and place an order request?

If you give us a call, we respond immediately to know your needs and provide the right event equipment for your event. Ourcrazy taxi arcade game can also be hired by placing an online request. You can choose a convenient method.


Can I expect a customized package?

Eventguru offers various types of packages to suit the needs of various customers. You can choose one of our standard packages to fulfill your requirements. If you don’t find our standard package suitable, you can ask us to design a customized package to materialize your unique purpose. .


Does Eventguru offer home delivery?

Yes; Eventguru offers home delivery for our customers. Once you place an order for crazy taxi arcade game rental and make the payment, the product is delivered at your home on the exact time agreed upon. Machine operators are also offered to monitor the performance. You can expect timely technical support solutions with us. 

Crazy Taxi

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