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dance dance revolution rental singapore

Dance Dance Revolution! Want to get your events a little bit more groovy and hyped?  This game has stood the test of time with its ever-changing new dance moves to complete that can put kids and adults up for the challenge! So let’s ignite the dancer in you with the Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine!


A party without dance cannot be termed a complete package. If you want to make your party more fashionable and exciting, you can choose our Dance Dance revolution arcade machine. Kids, as well as adults, can ignite the dancer spirit in them with great enthusiasm and fun. We offer the most functional machine available in the industry.


Our Dance Dance revolution arcade machine can be hired at a modest price. It does not cost an arm and a leg. You can expect us to deliver the product to your premise in a timely manner. We offer installation services along with manpower to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose your Dance Dance revolution arcade machine?

We don’t need to try too hard to make a positive impression on our customers. Our method of approach is pretty simple. High-quality services are offered at competitive price points to serve the customer needs in a perfect way.


Can I contact you for an instant need?

Yes; we make sincere and committed efforts to meet the needs of our customers in whatever way possible. When you approach us to hire a Dance Dance revolution arcade machine on a short notice, we can deliver one based on the product availability. Our experts explore all possible ways to meet your needs perfectly.


What about your price?

Eventguru offers the best pricing structure in the industry. If you look at our rental prices for various types of event equipment, you can find that our prices are the best in the industry. We focus on delivering the most advanced and reliable Dance Dance revolution arcade machines in a cost competent way to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. 

Dance Dance Revolution

  • 745cm x 1090cm x 1930cm

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