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🍬🐉 Dragon Beard Candy Station: A Sweet Extravaganza of Delight! 🌟🍭


Create a whimsical and delightful experience at your event with a Dragon Beard Candy Station. Ideal for weddings, parties, or special occasions, the Dragon Beard Candy station offers a traditional Chinese sweet treat that will captivate your guests. Here's how you can set up a Dragon Beard Candy Station:


Station Setup:

  • Dragon Beard Candy Master: Invite a skilled Dragon Beard Candy artisan to the station to demonstrate the art of making this delicate and delicious treat.

  • Ingredients Display: Showcase the key ingredients, such as maltose and peanuts, to give guests insight into the candy-making process.

  • Live Demonstration: Have the Dragon Beard Candy master perform live demonstrations, pulling and stretching the candy to create the fine threads.

  • Decorative Setup: Enhance the station with dragon-themed decorations, vibrant colors, and traditional Chinese elements to create an immersive experience. (additional cost)


Why Choose a Dragon Beard Candy Station?

  • Cultural Experience: Dragon Beard Candy is a traditional Chinese confection, offering guests a unique and cultural experience.

  • Interactive and Entertaining: The live cooking demonstration adds an interactive and entertaining element to the station, engaging guests throughout the event.

  • Sweet Memories: Guests can enjoy the sweet, delicate threads of Dragon Beard Candy and leave with delightful memories of a unique culinary experience.


Transport your guests to a world of sweetness with a Dragon Beard Candy Station! Contact a local Dragon Beard Candy artisan or caterer to discuss options and create a sweet extravaganza at your event.


🌟🍬 Delight in sweetness with Eventguru! 🎉🐉


Requirement from client

Require 1 x table 

Dragon Beard Candy Station

    • 200 pax : $500

    • 300 pax : $750

    • 400 pax : $1000

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