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Dragon Beard Candy Station

The Dragon Beard Candy also is known as the Chinese Cotton Candy which is a handmade traditional delicacy that will surely have your sweet tooth satisfied. A dough of different ingredients such as sugar, coconut, peanut, corn syrup, and rice flour is pulled in repetition in order to achieve its unique shape and design. Be sure to rent our Dragon Beard Candy Station to have a pinch of tradition at your events or parties. Take a look at our other traditional snacks to have a nice combo with the Dragon Beard candy!


Dragon Beard Candy Live Station inclusive of :

Ingredients and equipment for the live station, manpower to serve, delivery and collection.

Requirement from client

Require 1 x table and 1 x power outlet.

Dragon Beard Candy Station

    • 100 pax : $350

    • 200 pax : $500

    • 300 pax : $650

    • 400 pax : $800

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