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Thai Ice Popsicle


Ice popsicle station rental inclusive of

  • Free flow Ingredients for operation
  • Machine operators
  • Delivery and collection

Requirement from Client 

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Many people are looking to hire the best Thai Ice Popsicle nowadays. Are you one among them? You can rely on Eventguru to rent the most beneficial and affordable rental packages. With our machine, you can make your event highly successful. The needs of the guests can be taken care of in a responsible way.


Our Thai Ice Popsicle comes with everything you need. We deliver the product in a timely manner. After the use, the product is taken back with utmost accountability. You can seek our help if you want machine operators. Our price is the most affordable in the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions


What to expect with your Thai Ice Popsicle?

We offer the best Thai Ice Popsicle rental solutions for our customers. You can expect free flow ingredients for operation. The services of machine operators are also made available based on customer needs. Delivery and collection are also done professionally.


How much do you charge for your Thai Ice Popsicle?

If you are on the lookout for an affordable rental package, you can depend on Eventguru. Being a trustworthy and reputedThai Ice Popsicle rental company, we deliver an enjoyable experience to our clients at most competitive prices. Best price and quality rental services combine in a perfect way to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. 


Can I order a machine on a short notice?

Yes; we take care of the needs of our customers in whatever way possible. We make sincere and committed efforts to attend your emergency needs. It is always advisable to know your needs well in advance and place order as early as possible. However, it may not possible at all times. That is why we respond to your immediate requirements in a positive way.   

Thai Ice Popsicle

    • 2 hours : $350
    • 3 hours : $530
    • 4 hours : $710
    • 5 hours : $890
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