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Initial D arcade rental the epic racing arcade hit! Race and drift through the bends of Akina Snow or Shomaru with your favorite Nissan Skyline or Mazda RX-8! A lot of racers have mastered the skills of Initial D but now a lot can call themselves a true champion of the streets! Train and race with your friends on Initial D Arcade Stage version 3! Get your engines started and rent from Eventguru now!


If you want to offer a highly exciting and endearing gaming experience for your guests in you next party, you can contact Eventguru. OurInitial D 3 (Twin) rental service makes racing game lovers crazy with exceptional performance. No matter whether you are hosting a small party or a carnival, you can contact us to fulfill your event equipment rental needs.


Our Initial D 3 (Twin)rental is an ideal option for all kinds of events. We have been renting high quality and functional machine for our customers. You don’t have to get worried about the rental fee when you contact Eventguru. Children as well as adult can take part in this game with lots of fun and entertainment.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much do I need to pay for yourInitial D 3 (Twin)?

Eventguru is a highly renowned event equipment rental service provider with excellent track record. Our commitment is to offer the most entertaining services for our customers at extremely affordable prices. We don’t make you worry about the price because our rental fee is the best in the industry.


Can I expect your machine child and adult friendly?

Yes; you don’t need to worry about the age of the guests when you hire our Initial D 3 (Twin) rental. Kids are going to love this machine forever. The adults also would love to play the racing games available on this machine. If you choose our machine, you can find it child as well as adult friendly. 


What does your package contain?

Eventguru offer a perfect Initial D 3 (Twin) package for our customers. You can make your event or party a grand success with our rental solutions. Our professionals will set up the machine and timely technical support is offered with 2 hours of installation. We dismantle your product and collect it from your premise with responsibility.

Initial D 3 (Twin)

  • 160cm x 150cm x 183cm

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