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The LED Claw Machine is a modern and visually appealing amusement device designed to captivate players with its vibrant LED lighting and classic claw-grabbing gameplay. Ideal for arcades, entertainment venues, events, and parties, this machine combines exciting gameplay with eye-catching aesthetics, attracting players of all ages.


Key Features:

  • LED Lighting: Equipped with dazzling LED lights, the machine offers a visually stunning experience, illuminating the interior and exterior with vibrant colors and patterns to enhance gameplay and attract attention.

  • Interactive Gameplay: Challenge players' skills and dexterity with classic claw-grabbing action, featuring adjustable claw strength, grab patterns, and prize placement options to create an engaging and rewarding experience.

  • Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials, reinforced components, and secure mechanisms to withstand frequent use, ensure longevity, and maintain optimal performance in various settings.

  • User-Friendly Controls: Designed with intuitive controls, clear instructions, and accessible settings, making it easy for players of all skill levels to enjoy and interact with the machine.

  • Attractive Design: Sleek and modern design with customizable branding options, allowing businesses and event organizers to personalize the machine with logos, colors, themes, or promotional materials to align with specific themes or marketing objectives.

For more information, pricing details, or specific inquiries regarding the LED Claw Machine, please contact our sales team. We are committed to providing top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and tailored solutions to meet your entertainment needs and objectives. Elevate your venue, event, or business with the LED Claw Machine and create unforgettable experiences for players and spectators alike.

LED Claw Machine

    • Dimensions: 65cm x 78cm x 185cm
    • Weight: 110kg
    • Power Requirements: 1 x 13amp power outlet
    • Capacity: 1 player
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