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Lion bounce house

Prepare for a day of fun when you enter the Lion Kingdom. The fun starts when you crawl thought the lion’s mouth but watch out for teeth! Inside kids will find a world of fun complete with tunnels and a slide. This colorful bouncy house has mesh netting along the sides to parents can keep an eye on their kids as they play. The entrance and exit ramps are slanted to make it easy for kids to climb in and out.


  • Door to door delivery
  • Setup and tear down
  • Easy child monitoring
  • Perfect for ages 2 to 14 years
  • Spacious jumping play area
  • Slide
  • Climb
  • Tunnel


If you want to hire a beautiful, innovative and functional bouncy house, you don’t have to waste time searching for any other product than this Lion Kingdom bouncy house. The tunnels and slide provide the best fun for your children. The design of this bouncy house is pretty innovative and visually pleasing as well.


You can hire this Lion Kingdom bouncy house at an affordable price. It never makes any compromise on safety of the children. The spacious jumping play area keeps children engaged and entertained. They can perform different types of activities including jumping, sliding, climbing and tunneling as well.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does this Lion Kingdom bouncy house offer?

Children can crawl through the lion’s mouth to get inside. It offers a spacious jump area inside to offer maximum fun to children. You can find tunnels and slide inside this bouncy house. There are plenty of activities to do including climbing, sliding and more.


Is there any age limit applicable for children?

Our bouncy house can be used by children aged between 2 and 14 years. We don’t put any undesirable age restriction. Our focus is to accommodate the needs of maximum number of children.  


Do you offer home delivery?

When you hire our Lion Kingdom bouncy house, you can expect door delivery.  We deliver product at your doorstep in a safe and reliable way. Eventguru also ensure timely supply of the product.


Can I easily monitor children?

Our number one priority is to ensure an enjoyable and safe environment for children. Monitoring becomes an easy task due to mesh netting along the sides. Parents can keep an eye on their kids all the time without worrying about any safety concerns.

Lion Kingdom

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