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Feel the heat of the asphalt as you race across the tracks of Manx TT Super Bike arcade machine! Get your adrenaline rushing solo or with riding partner and race against each other and the clock to get further into the game! Different bikes, different tracks and different AI capabilities will surely pack a whole lot of fun and excitement into the game! Rent the Manx TT Super Bike arcade machine for your events now!


Superbike arcade machines offer the best entertainment and fun for kids as well as adults. If you are planning to throw a party that offers an unforgettable experience for your guests, you can hire our Manx TT Motor. This highly functional machine keeps your adrenaline rushing with exciting games and different bikes. 


Our Manx TT Motor machine is not offered at a very high price. On the contrary, we make the rental machine available at a cheap price. When you place an order with us, we take care of your needs in a professional way. We deliver the product at your doorstep along with timely technical support to make your event highly entertaining and exciting.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a hassle free playing experience?

Being a very prominent and established event equipment rental company in Singapore, Eventguru is dedicated to providing an unforgettable bike riding experience for your guests. You don’t need to worry about any interruptions or Mechnical failures because we offer timely technical support services. Our Manx TT Motor machine rental offers a hassle free playing experience.


Can I expect different bikes and tracks on your machine?

Eventguru offers high quality and safe game equipment that surpasses your expectations. In order to maximize the entertainment and excitement, we provide different types of bikes and tracks on our machine. You can also expect different AI capabilities to take the entertainment into a different level. 


How much you charge for hiring your Manx TT Motor machine?

Our commitment to delivering quality machine rental services in unwavering. At the same time, we offer quality machines in a cost competent way. Special offers and packages are offered for loyal customers. You can expect a highly rewarding Manx TT Motor machine rental experience with us.    

Manx TT Motor

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