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mario kart rental singapore

Mario Kart Rental a racing classic and a legend in the gaming world! Played by the first generation and latest of gamers, Mario Kart still gives off the same adrenaline rush to its players! Those wacky power-ups are now more satisfying or annoying with improved graphics and sound effects! Start those engines and lets race now!


You cannot come across a more efficient choice to keep your guests entertained and engaged than offering them the opportunity to play at our Mario Kart Arcade rental machine. If you are planning to throw a wonderful party, Eventguru has the best solutions for you. You can use our game arcade for any type of event or party.


OurMario Kart Arcade rentalcontains a wide range of racing games. If you want to know what adrenaline rush is all about, you can choose our machine. Amazing graphics and side effects are incorporated to make the racing experience truly unbelievable for your guests.


Frequently Asked Questions


What to expect with your Mario Kart Arcade rental?

We guarantee the ultimate racing experience for your guests. The visuals, graphics and sound effects take people into a different world altogether and keep them thoroughly entertained for hours. Your guests will get to know what adrenaline rush is all about while using our product. 


Is your product costly?

You don’t have to worry about the price when you choose our Mario Kart Arcade rental. We offer the best rental price in the market. Quality and affordability blend together to provide the best renting experience. Your guests are going to have a great time together. Children love this machine more than anything else. 


What should be done to setup your Mario Kart Arcade rental? 

There is no need to worry about the setup when you depend on Eventguru. When you approach us to rent Mario Kart Arcade rental, we also take up the responsibility of setting up the machine at your premise in a responsible way.  Our experts monitor the operation to ensure the best technical support. You can just relax with Eventguru because we take care of all your needs.   

Mario Kart Arcade

  • 162cm (L) x 164cm (W) x 200cm (H)

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