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Prepack popcorn and candy floss Singapore - finding snacks to cater to the masses with a lot of constraints? Well look no further cause we have just the perfect combination, our favorited Popcorn and Candy Floss coming in pre-packed! The most convenient way to feed your guests some delicious snacks! The wonderful taste of our popcorn and candy floss will still be preserved so fret not and order from us now!


Hot sealed Prepack Popcorn / Candy floss in 14oz cups charges are inclusive of delivery.

Do enquire with us if you are catering to 600pax or more!


Where to get the best prepack popcorn candy floss? You can contact Eventguru to rent the best options available today. You can find your favorite popcorn and candy floss coming in pre-packed at most affordable prices. We offer you the best opportunity to deliver an incredible snacking experience for your guests.


When you place orders with us, we deliver products on time in a safe way. You don’t have to worry about any delay. The amazing taste of our candy floss and popcorn take your taste buds into an amazing culinary adventure. You can order any number of cups based on your needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How many prepack popcorn and candy floss cups can I order from you?

You can order 200, 300, 400 or 500 cups from us. We can deliver any number of products if you make special request. Excellent quality and taste are guaranteed to deliver an enjoyable and rewarding rent experience.


What about your price?

If you want to experience a perfect blend of quality and affordability, you can rent prepack popcorn and candy floss cups. Our prices are unbeatable in the industry. Excellent discounts are offered to make the price incredibly affordable.


Can I expect timely delivery?

Eventguru is committed to offering timely delivery for each order. We give utmost importance to your needs and take care of all aspects to provide the best renting experience. If you are searching for the most convenient way to offer some delicious snacks, you can get in touch with us. We supply products on time with utmost accountability and dedication. The captivating taste of our prepack popcorn and candy floss cupswill easily offer the best experience for your guests.


Prepack Popcorn and Candy floss

    • 200 cups : $300

    • 300 cups : $450

    • 400 cups : $520

    • 500 cups : $800

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