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7 Things You Are Curious To Know About Claw Machine

Updated: Mar 27

1.) World Largest UFO Catcher with The Biggest Prize Ever!

world largest claw machine

Whoa… If you thought grabbing a soft teddy bear from a claw machine was annoyingly mind-boggling, wait until you see this mammoth. The world's largest UFO catcher comes from the people that bring you huge reptiles, giant robots, well, they pretty much have the entire market nailed down with all things taller than a twenty-story skyscraper – of course, I'm talking about Japan.

2.) Guinness World Record for Having The Most Claw Machine Games

Guinness world record for claw machines

One of the pleasures of visiting Japan is the plethora of claw machine games, where you may win a range of prizes ranging from small items such as keychains and snacks to larger items such as cuddly toys and home goods. With the closure of the Sega arcade in Akihabara due to the coronavirus, the future of such claw machine enterprises appears gloomy.

The Sega arcade in Shinjuku, on the other hand, lives to tell the tale, breaking the Guinness World Record for the most claw machine games on January 7, 2021. Check out this article from Yahoo!Life

3.) Is the Claw Machine Rigged?

is the claw machine rigged?

You've definitely played one of these claw machines at some point in your life, hoping to win the plush toy of your dreams. However, despite your ability to precisely position the claw over the reward and trigger it, you've discovered that the pincers simply do not grasp securely enough to pick up a plush animal.

It's not all in your head. Those claw machines are pre-programmed. But they're rigged in an unexpectedly brilliant way — and not in the way most people think.

4.) Lobster Claw Machine

lobster claw machine

After receiving a lot of complaints, two Singapore eateries have lately stopped allowing their patrons to utilize arcade-style claw machines to collect live crabs and lobsters. A lobster-stocked claw machine had been inside the Sea Tripod Seafood Group since it opened in January, with a placard on its brightly colorful display reading "Catch lobster, and enjoy it! (Cook with no extra price)."

king of claw machine

'Every claw machine is unique. Some claw machines are programmed so that you will never win; nevertheless, for the others, you can always figure out how to grasp and drop the rewards by monitoring the location and strength of the claw, as well as the level of toys.'

'My greatest satisfaction is cracking the code of each machine by first observing the others playing, then trying it on my own,' the man stated.

6.) Tips On How To Beat The Claw Machine

tip to win at the claw machine

Unless you're small enough to fit inside, getting a prize from a claw machine can be difficult. However, reporter Jen Yamato and film reviewer Kim Morgan excel at it: Yamato reckons she's taken 100 toys from claw machine prize pits, which she's deposited in her car and at her residence, and Morgan claims she once had "two large garbage bags overflowing with stuffed animals from just one year." "I gave them to you."

7.) Another Claw Catcher Machine Tips

claw machine tips

There are numerous crane games out there that are meant to take your money. The difference between machines in Japan and those in the West is that the game isn't (completely) silly, and the prizes aren't all as pathetic as over-stocked Bart Simpson dolls. Skill the game correctly, and you'll either win some cool rewards or gain newfound confidence in your claw play. If you play it incorrectly, the game will play you.


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