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Arcade Games Singapore

Updated: Apr 24

Arcade games are games that are played using Arcade Machines. The Arcade machines that are operated by coins are available in different public settings for entertainment. Many people still love playing arcade games.

arcade games singapore

What are the different kind of Arcade Games that can be rented from Eventguru?

1. Pinball Machines

pinball machine

Pinball machines is one of the most popular Arcade Games in which the player controls the movement of little steel balls in the Arcade machine and uses them to score points.

2. Daytona Arcade

daytona arcade

Daytona Arcade is one of the most popular racing game of all times. It is for people who love to play racing arcade games and provides a more authentic racing arcade experience!

3. Arcade Puncher

arcade puncher

Arcade Puncher is definitely for people who love boxing! This game has can be played alone, or with a partner. The Arcade machine in this game has a boxing glove attached which adds to the experience of gaming.

4. Hi Striker

hi striker machine

Arcade Hi Striker is also known as the strength test and is for people who love to flaunt how strong they are. The player has to hit the lever with all their strength to make sure it hits the bell.

5. Mario Kart

mario kart rental

Mario Kart is one of the most popular Arcade games. It involves a lot of action and is loved by kids and adults alike!

6. Shooting Games

Shooting games are part of the genre of action games. The best part about Arcade shooting games is perhaps the weapon guns attached to the Arcade machine that create a more authentic, enjoyable experience for the player.

Why should you rent Arcade games?

Arcade games are loved by people of all ages, they are a classic part of every culture and people have lots of good memories attached to Arcade machines and Arcade games. Renting Arcade machines from Eventguru is a convenient and cheap way of enjoying the games since buying your own machine will cost a lot of money. Also, it is better to rent Arcade machines since they are larger machines that take up space and you need to make space for them if you buy them, so it is much better to go to the specialist and rent these machines from them.

Events you can rent arcade machines :

1. Roadshows

Roadshows generally happen for about half a day and since it is a formal working event, arcade machines can be a great ice breaker and a way for people to relax with their colleagues during the breaks they get.

2. Conferences

Renting arcade machines and including them in conferences is also a great idea since they are a great way for people to connect and have fun in the breaks they get between workshops and meetings.

3. Trade shows

A Trade show has different industries showcasing their different and latest inventions and services. People will be more inclined towards the company’s products if rented Arcade machines are present in the event.

4. Office parties

Office parties are a great place to rent include arcade machines since arcade machines are a great way for them to connect with their colleagues and superiors.

Our services

Arcade rental are a source of great enjoyment and fit into all kinds of situations. All kinds of Arcade machines can be rented from Eventguru in Singapore. Rent these machines from us to ensure that you and every person around you have fun in the events you go to. We have all kinds of machines available ranging from the nostalgic ones you played as a kid or perhaps a new one you want to try! Check out our Arcade machines for the list of games available.

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