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Getting The Right Carnival Food Stall

Updated: Jan 10

carnival food stall

From the streets of Brazil to the winding road of Singapore, the carnival season is upon us, but as we cheer to the crowd of dancers and get into the mood of the festival, we need to have fun and enjoy good food in the process.

One thing that makes every carnival unforgettable is the numerous food stalls that litter every turn feeding our innermost food passion and bringing back childhood memories of the stuff we love. However, carnival food stalls aren’t for carnivals alone, they are the perfect addition to your parties and special events.

So if you will be attending any carnival this season as a vendor or need to rent a food stall for an event, then you need a good carnival company that can assist you in getting the best carts at an affordable price hassle free.

Who needs a food stall?

Everyone needs a food stall; food vendors, event/party planners, etc. They are the best way to boost your party and impress your guest with a variety of food and drinks made live. Furthermore, food stalls are easier to manage than having a long table of food tray that is not fun.

However choosing the right carnival food stall is also a prerequisite that will make or break your party outlook, so it is paramount you pick the best from the bunch.

Eventguru believes that food shouldn’t just be eaten but should satisfy an emotional inclination that makes you happy. It also believes that guest at a party needs to be given the privilege of seeing how their food is made which makes the process more interesting.

So if you are looking for a unique setting to your next event, don’t call the caterers, call Eventguru Food stall rental services today. We have food carts that will fit any occasion and make the atmosphere lively and interesting.

What types of food stall are available?

All our food stalls are live and for a variety of snacks and foods ranging from popcorn, popsicles, candy floss, burgers, ice-creams, fried foods, cakes and cupcakes, local and international food to tantalize your taste buds

Our Services

Eventguru specializes in the rentals of carnival food stalls and hosting your events with beautiful carnival food stalls. We have over 20 units of popcorn and candy floss machine available for all events – birthdays, school functions, fundraising events, community, and family get together, unique parties and many more.

Our services are not limited to the above, we will recreate any event for you even corporate events as our stalls will meet and deliver specifically to your needs.

Why Eventguru Carnival food stalls

Are you attending the upcoming carnival in your area and tired of seeing food been served on long boring trays or on paper plates that children can't handle well? Then welcome to Eventguru – your number one carnival rental place for all things carnival, parties and events.

• Eventguru will provide you with a variety of food stall equipped with the necessary amenities to give vendors the ability to produce fresh food for people walking through the carnival or event ground.

• Our food stalls are well-cared for – they are cleaned and follow the standards of any mobile food truck with all the fittings to make sure that all foods produced are not just healthy but fit for human consumption

• Whether you are renting our food stalls or require our services at your event, we have a certified food expert that will check all food stalls to ensure that it is been used properly and safety measures are adhered to.

• We are affordable and always at your service with the best stalls for whatever you intend to do or event you are celebrating.

• Eventguru Food stalls allow customers to get a feel of how their foods are been prepared right before them – it makes it twice as fun especially for kids and food lover witnessing the process for the first time.

• Eventguru is more than planning the perfect event for you, we add color, laughter, joy, and happiness while ensuring guest live with a delicious taste in their mouths and a happy feeling after every function

• We have all the necessary types of equipment to take a simple event into a grand style. For example for kids’ party, we have bouncing castles, arcade games and fun activity that will keep them busy

• We have an excellent team of interior decorators that will tie the event of the day in colors that blend beautifully into the theme

• We are all about professionalism and are guided by the belief that customers’ satisfaction is paramount. We are always on time, responsible, culture and reliable

• If you are renting any of our food carts, we also have food experts and professionals who will assist you with the food stall for your event. Call us now.

• Finally, Eventguru can help promote a brand or product using food, and with the assistance of professional teams, you can be sure that all grounds are covered to meet the client’s specification.

There is nothing more stressful than trying to plan a successful party or event as the stress of doing it alone is depressing. Well, you don’t have to worry about planning your party on your own.

Eventguru has been in the business and will cover every aspect of party planning – from decoration, sitting, games, and most especially the food.

Visit us at our website now or give us a call today. We will have one of our team meet up with you and plan an unforgettable event that will wow your guests as we deliver excellent service at your doorstep with all foods hot and ready to go.

If you want a customized event too, Eventguru is the one to call, just let us know what you have it mind and your wishes will come true in beautiful colors and tasty foods from our numerous food stalls.

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