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7 Best Easter Games for Kids and Adults to Make the Holiday More "Hoppy"

Updated: 1 day ago

Easter is a time to have a lot of fun and play games. While you may believe that the day begins and ends with an epic Easter egg hunt, there are a variety of other celebratory activities that will help you and your loved ones keep the joy alive even after all the eggs have been found. Keep the party going with these really enjoyable Easter activities, which are appropriate for toddlers, children, and adults.

We provide a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the entire family, including scavenger hunts and guessing games. Because Easter, like most holidays, is all about food, most of these suggestions will get everyone up and moving so that by the time the Easter Food arrives, everyone will have worked up an appetite (or ya know, the candy dish is replenished). If you'd rather everyone stay still, use a board game or puzzle to keep their minds busy. Of course, every game is more fun when there's a prize on the other end, so make sure to have a variety of tasty Easter sweets or hire some carnival food stalls for hand for the winners, a.k.a. everyone at the party.

Bunny Bowling

easter game diy bunny bowling

Handmade Charlotte

Isn't it true that these bowling pins are irresistible? Simply add hand-drawn faces and paper ears to this traditional game to make it appropriate for the occasion.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

easter scavenger hunt game


Since they've already donned their detective hats, keep the hunt going by leaving a trail of clues about your home that will lead your young bunnies to a unique gift.

Get the instructions at The Best Ideas for Kids

Easter Egg Poppers

easter game egg popper

Studio DIY When kids pull on the thread, the multicolored poppers open and shower them with sweet delights, such as sweets and confetti.

Tutorial at Studio DIY

Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

Alice & Lois

Egg hunts aren't just about finding chocolates and cash. Fill half of the plastic eggs with amusing challenges (think: quack like a duck) to get everyone in the holiday spirit, young and old.

Tutorial at Alice & Lois

Bunny Hop Sack Race

easter bunny sack hopper

It's never been easier to turn a burlap sack into hours of Easter enjoyment. Assign each player a sack with a bunny tail and have them run to the finish line.

Tutorial at Design Improvised

Easter Giant Lawn Games

giant connect 4

Jumbo Jenga gets an Easter facelift owing to bright paint colors. Players take turns removing blocks from the stack while attempting not to topple it.

Bouncy Castle for Easter Fun

easter game bouncy castle rental

Another excellent outdoor easter idea for your celebration is to have your kids hop about like bunnies in a bouncy castle.


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