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Introducing the Double Stack Gashapon Machine, a revolutionary innovation designed to elevate your capsule toy experience to new heights. This state-of-the-art machine boasts dual dispensing capabilities, allowing for double the excitement and fun with its two-tiered design.


Each stack of the Double Stack Gashapon Machine is engineered to dispense an impressive 30 pieces of 70mm capsule balls per stack, offering a generous capacity that caters to both individual enthusiasts and high-traffic locations. Whether you're hosting a large-scale event, operating a bustling retail space, or curating a diverse collection of capsule toys, this machine's robust functionality ensures a seamless and efficient dispensing process that delights users and maximizes enjoyment.


The Double Stack Gashapon Machine's innovative design prioritizes user accessibility, convenience, and engagement. Its intuitive interface, durable construction, and secure dispensing mechanism guarantee a reliable and user-friendly experience for patrons of all ages. With its transparent compartments showcasing a myriad of colorful capsules, users are drawn into a world of anticipation, excitement, and discovery as they eagerly await their chosen treasure.


Moreover, the Double Stack Gashapon Machine's versatility extends beyond its impressive dispensing capacity. Its sleek aesthetics, customizable branding options, and modular design enable seamless integration into various settings, themes, and environments. Whether you're looking to enhance a retail space, entertain guests at an event, or engage customers in a unique marketing campaign, this machine's adaptability and performance ensure a memorable and impactful experience.

Double Stack Gashapon Machine

  • 28cm x 45cm x 133cm

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