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Tabletop Gashapon Machine: Compact Convenience with Captivating Collectibles


Introducing the Tabletop Gashapon Machine, a compact yet captivating solution designed to bring the thrill of capsule toys to any setting. Despite its portable size, this tabletop marvel boasts an impressive capacity, holding up to 70 pieces of 50mm capsules.


Ideal for various environments such as retail spaces, events, parties, or personal collections, the Tabletop Gashapon Machine combines functionality with fun. Its compact design allows for easy placement on countertops, tables, or display areas without compromising on the authentic Gashapon experience. Users can simply insert a coin, turn the dial, and watch with anticipation as their chosen capsule rolls out, offering a delightful surprise with each transaction.


Beyond its convenient size and generous capacity, the Tabletop Gashapon Machine prioritizes user engagement, accessibility, and enjoyment. Its intuitive operation, secure dispensing mechanism, and durable construction ensure a reliable and user-friendly experience for individuals of all ages. Whether you're a passionate collector, casual enthusiast, or event organizer, this machine's compact design and impressive capacity make it a versatile and valuable addition to any setting.


Moreover, the Tabletop Gashapon Machine offers customizable branding options, allowing operators to personalize the machine with logos, colors, or themes to align with specific events, promotions, or marketing campaigns. This flexibility enhances brand visibility, customer engagement, and overall aesthetic appeal, making the machine a versatile and impactful tool for various applications.

Table Top Gashapon Machine

  • 26cm x 26cm x 51cm

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