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Looking for a compact and space-saving solution for dispensing small items in your store? Check out our mini table-top Gashapon machine! With its compact design, it's the perfect option for retailers who want to offer their customers a fun and interactive way engage their customer.

Our mini Gashapon machine can hold up to 50 capsules at a time, with each capsule containing a unique surprise for your customers to enjoy. Simply insert a coin, turn the handle, and watch as the capsule drops down the chute for the customer to collect. It's a great way to keep customers engaged and entertained while they browse your store.

Whether you're running a toy store, gift shop, or arcade, our mini Gashapon machine is a fantastic addition to your inventory. So why wait? Order yours today and start delighting your customers with fun and exciting surprises!

Tabletop Mini Gashapon Machine

  • 25cm x 25cm x 41cm

  • 200 pieces of 3cm capsule balls

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